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JEFF GREEN, is the National Director for the  CITIZENS FOR SAFE DRINKING WATER . With  Co -founder, David Kennedy, D.D.S. , they provide guidance and strategies, scientific documentation, legislative text, legal perspective and grassroots initiative support for constituents and representatives in 35 states, since 1996 as well as speaking as an expert to State Legislatures in California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Ohio.    Jeff initiated a Congressional investigation on Fluoride through the U.S. House Committee on Science from 1998 to 2000 and arranged testimony for the U.S. Senate hearing on Arsenic, Radon and Fluoride. He also provided evidence and testimony for the long-awaited 2006 Nation Research Council Report on Fluoride.



Dr. Ralph


Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D. is an internationally acclaimed science writer who has spent more than twenty years investigating and writing about cancer issues. Formerly the assistant director of public affairs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Dr. Moss is the author of such groundbreaking books as Cancer Therapy, Questioning Chemotherapy, and The Cancer Industry, as well as the award-winning PBS documentary The Cancer War. He also wrote the 1994 Yearbook article on alternative medicine for the Encyclopedia Britannica.


Dr. Kurt Donsbach

Dr. Kurt  Donsbach graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in October of 1957. His career in chiropractic led him to the study of nutrition where he became associated with the late great pioneer nutritionist, Dr. Royal Lee in 1960. While associated with Dr. Lee, he attended the Hollywood College of Naturopathic Medicine from which he received his naturopathic degree in 1960. After receiving his naturopathic degree, Dr. Donsbach then attended Union University Graduate School in Los Angeles, California and received his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Nutrition in 1977. An honorary Doctor of Science degree was conferred by Christian University in 1976. 


Dr. Jim Chan

Dr. Jim Chan has been a naturopathic practitioner since 1989. Our entire staff is committed to your health and well being. Our goal is to work with our patients on an individual basis to identify the root cause of their illness and support the body, mind and soul through the healing process.

Dr. Chan has been in Private Practice since then, with 2 Clinics in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he works with many cancer patients on a specialized basis using Alternative Therapies and Nutrition.


Dr. Ferre Akbarpour

Dr. Ferre Akbarpour is the Chief Medical Officer of the Orange County Immune Institute located in Huntington Beach, Southern California, attending to patients from all over the world suffering from a multitude of illnesses that are often difficult to diagnose and treat. Dr. Akbarpour  has been an expert in the field of anti-aging and immune system medicine for nearly twenty years. She is a well-known international speaker throughout the medical community and, in addition to her contributions in educating other physicians,

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