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About Us

Who We Are

Allow us to be your vision for that which inspires,

empowers and gives life.

The beginning of this journey came out of an

awareness to broaden the reach of the  message that

is already beginning to resonate, globally .

And that is,  the transformation of the planet.

IAMHEALTHYRadio is intended to deliver this declaration.

While awaiting critical mass, this radio station

lives in the future already happening; offering the

global voice for the next paradigm .

The voices on IAMHEALTHYRadio already speak the language

of the next paradigm and are represented by hosts who are

spiritual leaders, conscious entrepreneurs, life coaches, empowered

youth, medical and healing practitioners and enlightened activists.

This internet radio station seeks to become a platform to help

inform, enlighten and transform the human consciousness

into ways where what we know and acknowledge now is replaced

 by new workable paradigms on health and overall lifestyle.  You

will be treated to interesting and diverse programming with

eminent speakers in their field.

Here’s to the Next Paradigm!

Mission Statement

Enhancement of consciousness

and awareness, globally;

Creating optimal holistic health and

conscious lifestyle for the planet and humanity