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Vitamins Can Harm You — REALLY ?

Vitamins Can Harm You — REALLY ?

Special Guest :
Dr. Steve Hickey 

Natural health expert
trained in biology, pharmacoilogy
and orthomolecular medicine

Examining the facts
the recent  media flurry
 on the claim that  ” vitamins 
are harmful”

Dr Steve Hickey
 trained in biology and pharmacology (Member of the Institute of Biology) before undertaking a PhD in Biophysics at Manchester Medical School, England. He was awarded international scientific prizes, including the Volvo Award
for Biomechanics (1979), the Annual Award and Medal of the Back Pain Association
(1985), and was highly commended in the Volvo Award for Basic Science (1981).
Following his PhD, Dr Hickey worked in the Department of Geriatric Medicine,
University Hospital of South Manchester, where he carried out experimental and mathematical modelling of the human urethra, leading to the design of a new
conformable catheter (patented, and licenced by Bard Inc.). He was appointed as
head of physics on the first clinical whole body MR scanner in Europe. He carried
out quantitative imaging of the spine, researched super
resolution X-ray CT scanning, and also published in the field of medical statistics.
He then took his imaging experience into the industrial arena, developing the first commercially available genetic and neural imaging libraries.   Since starting his
scientific training, Dr Hickey was interested in the work of Linus Pauling, including
the work on Vitamin C and orthomolecular medicine. Together with his co-author
(Dr Hilary Roberts), he decided to follow up the evidence on
Vitamin C, resulting in the publication of two books “Ascorbate: The Science of
Vitamin C” and “Ridiculous Dietary Allowance”. This led to an interest in the
therapeutic use of vitamin C and other redox active substances, which
they published in two books “Cancer, Nutrition and Survival” and “The Cancer Breakthrough”. In 2005, he was given the Knowledge of Health Annual Award – International Health Contribution of the Year, for his work on cancer.   Dr Hickey has
a strong interest in the scientific method and the use and abuse of statistics. He is currently examining the basis of evidence-based medicine, with particular
reference to the use of meta-analysis techniques.

Stefan  Chmelik

Stefan is a specialist healthcare physician dedicated to offering

expertcare and choice to patients

through Integrated Healthcare

Speaking on the regulation of botanicals and natural health

products in the EU, where there are fears of the model  being

 used as a template for

international standards

and guideliness


Stefan Chmelik is a specialist healthcare physician dedicated to offering expert care

and choice to patients through Integrated Healthcare: combining the

patient-centred approach of alternative and complementary medicine alongside

an appreciation of mainstream medical diagnosis and support. Stefan is able to

send you for appropriate tests and can refer to specialists that may be required

if your case demands it .He is past-President of the Register of Chinese Herbal

Medicine, lectures at Masters level, a bestselling author and founder of the

New Medicine Group,  a team of specialists working together in Harley Street.

Dr. Robert Verkerk

Meleni Aldridge

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